Ks0005 Arduino MEGA Protoshield V3

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The latest Arduino MEGA protoshield V3 is produced with PCB metallurgical deposition process and its golden main board with small pad spacing make welding components more convenient; Its SOP28 SMT components encapsulation make the operating easier for the Arduino electronic enthusiasts and make them be bound by the straightly inserted elements. This board not only can be seamlessly inserted on the Arduino MEGA controller but also welded directly to the component to finish all kinds of prototype circuits. And you can also attach a Mini breadboard to finish various circuit experiment, on-board power light, resetting button can be connected by jumper wires. Arduino MEGA Protoshield V3 is the best choice for you to study Arduino MEGA controllers.
PCB with first-class metallurgical deposition process
Breadboard included, do experiments conveniently.




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