Ks0164 keyestudio Xbee sensor shield V5 with RS485 BLUEBEE interface

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keyestudio Xbee sensor shield V5 with RS485 BLUEBEE interface



Arduino is an open source controller board, popular among electronic enthusiasts for making interactive projects. But for those who are not familiar with electronics, adding circuits to Arduino may be tricky. That’s why we developed this keyestudio Xbee sensor shield. It can help you easily connect most sensors to Arduino.


  • Breaks out 14 digital pins (12 for servo motor) along with power supply pins;
  • 6 analog pins along with power supply pins;
  • 1 external power supply port for digital pins;
  • Auto-switch between external power supply and on-board power supply;
  • 1 external power supply port, along with power input pins;
  • RS485 interface;
  • 1 reset button;
  • xbee/Bluetooh Bee wireless data transmission interface;
  • APC220/Bluetooh V3 wireless data transmission interface;
  • IIC/I2C/TW interface
  • 3.3 output pin;
  • SD card module interface




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