Getting Started with Mixly1.2

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There are two kind installation packages provided for you in the following links:
Mixly 1.2.0 for Win 7/8/10:
Mixly 1.2.0 for Mac:


1.Download zip file of Mixly_WIN.7Z


2.Unzip compressed file to the root directory of a drive, for instance, D: Mixly

Note: Special characters like Chinese, space and brackets are not included in the directory.

As shown below,


The“一键更新.bat(One-click update)“ file needs to be run for first installation, then you can follow the conduction to install Mixly and update.


Input y or n to install the functions you need according to prompt. For example, input n if you need the basic functions of Mixly.


Next, install the functions you choose.


The prompt“请按任意键继续..(press any key to continue)”is shown, which means that installation is finished.


Then you check the complete directories of Mixly and double-click Mixly.exe to start Mixly.


4.Update Mixly

The update method is as same as the installation. Run“一键更新.bat(one-click update)”file and choose the functions you want to update, then new version will be downloaded automatically.


Note: the tutorials are Chinese, if you don’t understand Chinese, you can ignore them.


1.For MAC users, you have to install JDK8 rather than high version JAVA.

2.Install the open-source driver like cp210x:

Install the open-source driver like ch34x:

3.Install python3 by yourself,as shown below:
Download and install python3 from website and install the following commands.

sudo xcode-select --install
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install portaudio
pip3 install pyaudio
brew install opencv
pip3 install opencv-python
pip3 install baidu-aip matplotlib pandas numpy

Maybe you have to wait for above an hour for installation

4.Uncompress Mixly and double-click Mixly.jar