KS0496 Keyestudio EASY Plug Shield for micro bit V1.1

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Micro bit is a basic development board designed by BBC for teenagers programming education. It supports the PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft, and can be used under Windows, macOS, IOS, Android and multiple operating systems, moreover, an additional compiler isn’t needed to be download.
Doing experiments with micro bit, we particularly design EASY Plug Shield for micro bit V1.1 to make up the problem of wiring. You only need to insert the micro bit into shield.
We can connect micro bit control board with sensor modules via golden finger interface on the shield, as well as 10 EASY plug interfaces, that is, the RJ11 6P6C interface.
When connecting with other modules with EASY plug interface, one special telephone line (RJ11 crystal head) is needed. There is no need to worry about the issue of damaging the sensors and wiring wrong or reverse line.
Meanwhile, this shield comes with 4 WS2812 LEDs (controlled by P9), 1 buzzer (controlled by P0), 2 DIP switches, power_Switch  controls power, voltmeter_Switch is for controlling the voltage of V (3.3V and 5V)end on the EASY plug. When electrified, the 2.0mm gray and white anti-reverse ports are connected, the supply power is DC 6-10v.
They can match with sensors/modules we provide with RJ11 6P6C ports. If the wiring order is different but with same interfaces,and they still aren’t compatible.


  • Power: DC 6-10V
  • Output current: 1.5A
  • Interface: RJ11 6P6C interface and golden finger interface
  • Size: 98 * 65 * 17mm

EASY plug Interfaces

EASY plug port and RJ11 6P6C interface are practically the 6pin ports because of the IO port led out by the silk screen on the back. As shown below:

Interfaces G:GND V: controlled by Voltmeter_Switch;dial to 5V end,V is 5V,dial to 3V end,V is 3.3V.

I2C Communication Interface

SPI Communication Interface



The 4 WS2812 LEDs on the shield display various colors with external power of battery holder.

Test Code


Test Result

The code is uploaded successfully. After power-on, the 4 WS2812 LEDs on the shield display alternately three colors: red, green, and blue.

By EASY plug, a collision module can be connected with a LED module. Therefore, the LED is controlled by collision module.

Test Code


Test Result


The code is uploaded successfully. After power on, press the shrapnel on the collision module, the LED lights up, otherwise the LED goes off.


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