KS4026 Keyestudio Micro:bit Mini Smart Robot Car Kit V2

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Micro:bit is significantly applied to STEM education for teenagers, as a small microcontroller, which features small size, portable, powerful and simple.
The robot, wearable device and interactive electronic games can be produced by graphics and code.
MakeCode is a framework for creating interactive and engaging programming experiences for those new to the world of programming. The platform provides the foundation for a tailored coding experience to create and run user programs on actual hardware or in a simulated target.
To make you deeply know the micro:bit, we provide test code and projects.
The Keyestudio micro:bit smart car integrates obstacle avoidance, line tracking and IR and Bluetooth control functions. It contains passive buzzer, ultrasonic sensor, KEYES-2812-18R module, IR obstacle avoidance sensor and so on.
The passive buzzer makes music play, a KEYES-2812-18R module can display different effects, a photoresistor can detect light intensity.
Simultaneously, this smart car is chargeable. You only connect power to the port of battery holder.

2. Specifications

  • 1)Voltage: DC 5V
  • 2)Current: USB power supply or power supply with a capacity greater than or equal to 2A
  • 3)Maximum power: maximum output power is 10W
  • 4)Operating temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • 5)Dimensions: 120*90.7mm
  • 6)Environmental attributes: ROHS

3. Product Kit



For more details, enter file to check it out: