Ks0108 keyestudio EASY plug Soil Humidity Sensor

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Keyestudio EASY plug Soil Moisture Sensor


The EASY Plug soil moisture sensor can read the amount of moisture present in the soil surrounding it. It's an ideal for monitoring an urban garden, or your pet plant's water level.
This soil moisture sensor uses the two probes to pass current through the soil, and then it reads that resistance to get the moisture level.
More water makes the soil conduct electricity more easily (less resistance), while dry soil conducts electricity poorly (more resistance).
If you use this sensor to make an automatic watering device, it will be helpful to remind you to water your indoor plants or to monitor the soil moisture in your garden.
Note: this module should be used together with EASY plug control board.


  • Connector: Easy plug
  • Power Supply: 3.3V or 5V
  • Working Current: ≤ 20mA
  • Output Voltage: 0-2.3V
  • Sensor type: Analog output
  • Surface finish: immersion tin

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 66mm*20mm*18mm
  • Weight: 4.8g

Connect It Up

Connect the EASY Plug soil sensor to control board using an RJ11 cable. Then connect the control board to your PC with a USB cable.

Upload the Code

Copy and paste below code to Arduino IDE and upload.

 # Example code for the moisture sensor
 # Connect the sensor to the A0(Analog 0) pin on the control board
 # the sensor value description
 # 0 ~300     dry soil
 # 300~700     humid soil
 # 700~950     in water
void setup(){
void loop()
Serial.print("Moisture Sensor Value:");

What You Should See

Done uploading the code, open the serial monitor and set the baud rate to 57600, you can see the analog value is 0. When place the two probes of moisture sensor into your plant soil, you can see the value change.
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