Ks0263 keyestudio Single Solid State Relay Module

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Keyestudio single solid state relay is active at LOW level, that is to say, the input control signal is the low level (0-1.5 V), the relay is on; while the input control signal is high level (3-5 V), the relay is off.

Solid State Relay is a new kind of contactless switching device, which is composed of all solid state electronic components.

Compared with the electromagnetic relay, it has higher reliability, with the features of non-contact, long service life, fast speed and less outside interference.
The output control terminal of keyestudio solid-state relay must be connected to the circuit, can only be AC (Alternating Current) , so that the solid state relay can be disconnected normally.


Performance Parameters

  • Electrical parameters:
Voltage Static Current Working Current Trigger Voltage Trigger Current
DC 5V 0mA 12.5mA 0-1.5V 2mA

  • Output port: AC 100V/2A


Connection Diagram


Sample Code

 int Relay = 3;
  void setup()
  pinMode(Relay, OUTPUT);     //Set Pin3 as output
void loop()
          digitalWrite(Relay, HIGH);   //Turn off relay
          digitalWrite(Relay, LOW);    //Turn on relay


Wiring as the above image, after powered-on, the solid state relay breaks for 1S and then connects for 1S, repeating alternately.


  • Code:


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