Ks0294 Keyestudio Power Supply Shield for micro bit (black & environmental-friendly)

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The BBC micro:bit is a powerful handheld, fully programmable, computer designed by the BBC. It was designed to encourage children to get actively involved in technical activities, like coding and electronics.
It features a 5x5 LED Matrix, two integrated push buttons, a compass, Accelerometer, and Bluetooth.
It supports the PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft and can be used under Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android and many other operating systems without additional download of the compiler.
Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Use this power supply breakout board for the BBC micro:bit!
On-board comes with two interfaces, which can access to two-cell AA batteries, each supply 1.5V. It also comes with a DIP switch for controlling the power input.
In the experiment, you can connect this power supply board to micro:bit development board using a double-headed JST-PH2.0MM-2P 24AWG red-black wire to supply power.

Note:batteries are not included.



  • PCB Size:78mm*58mm*20mm
  • Battery Voltage:DC 1.5V
  • Wire Length:170mm
  • Input Voltage:DC 3V


Example Use

Send the code to micro:bit main board and then insert the micro:bit main board into power supply shield. Connect well the batteries and wire. See the LED matrix displaying the images.




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