KS0488X Keyestudio 4DOF Robot Arm Arduino Learning Kit”

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On the Internet, we often see DIY robotic arm complete various actions. Do you want to have one? I believe that you’ll make your own robotic arm by learning our projects.
This kit includes Arduino single-chip microcomputer, 2 joystick modules and 4 servos and so on. Next, we’ll teach you how to install and debug the robotic arm.
There are three methods to control it as follows:
First, we can a wired home-made joystick controller (included in the kit); secondly, the App control is adapted; thirdly, we also can use a wireless PS2 joystick(not included in kit) .
The detailed codes and projects are provided for you.
Come and let’s get started with this kit.

Note: You must connect a DC 7-15V power to VIN port of shield when wiring servo to shield.


  • Detailed installation method
  • Detailed debugging methods, even you’re a beginner
  • 3 control methods: wired joystick control, Bluetooth control, wireless PS2 joystick control.
  • Relevant information provided


  • Keyestudio servo motor driver shield:
  • VIN voltage: VIN = DC 7-15V
  • VIN current: 5A
  • Size: 73 * 53.34mm
  • 2-channel 5V output: 5V / 3A
  • PS2 interface: compatible with Sony PS2 receiver, can be plugged directly into the shield.

Component List







Download the code, complete files in the link: