KS0506 STEM Starter Kit for MEGA 2560 Plus Board

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Do you want to acquire programming knowledge? As long as you are passionate about science and dare to explore new things, this STEM starter kit must be your best choice.
KEYESTUDIO STEM Starter Kit is a programming learning kit based on Arduino. With a controller, numerous sensors, modules and electronic components, you can do many different DIY projects.
This kit also comes with 28 projects tutorials, which are entirely suitable for beginners. Each tutorial has detailed wiring diagrams and fascinating Project Codes. You can learn electronics, physics, science and programming knowledge.


Part List



KEYESTUDIO Plus Development Board

Before we get started with the KEYESTUDIO STEM Starter Kit, we first introduce the Plus Development Board, it is the core of all the projects.

KEYESTUIDO Mega plus Board, whose processor core is ATMEGA2560-16AU, is fully compatible with ARDUINO Mega REV3.
USB to TTL chip adopts more economic and stable CP2012.
This plus board consists of 54-channel digital input and output ports, of which 15 pins are served as PWM output, 16 analog inputs, 4 serial communication ports, one 16MHz crystal oscillator, 1 USB port, 1 power socket, 1 ICSP interface and 1 reset button.


Special Interfaces Description

Serial communication interface(4 channel): Serial(D0 =RX0, D1 =TX0), Serial1(D19 is RX1, D18 is TX1) Serial2 (D17 is RX2, D16 equals to TX2), Serial3(D15 is RX3, D14 is TX3), D0 and D1 are connected to ATMEGA16U2-MU PWM port(Pulse width modulation): D2-D13 and D44-D46 External interrupt pins:D2(interrupt 0), D3(interrupt 1), D21(interrupt 2), D20 (interrupt 3), D19(interrupt 4)and D18(interrupt 5) SPI communication interface:D53 stands for SS, D51 is MOSI, D50 is MISO, D52 equals to SCK IIC communication interface:D20 represents SDA, D21 is SCL

More detailed projects: