KS0528 Keyestudio 4WD Mecanum Robot Car PCB Driver Board

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This is a car body driver board with extended functions. It integrates an infrared tracking module, a motor module, an IR remote control module, four WS2812RGB lights to display different colors; two multicolor lights and one 18650 battery holder for supply power. Additionally, its 2.54mm anti-reverse interfaces are compatible with Micro:bit, Arduino and other control boards.
With this driver board, you can make a cool Mecanum 4WD smart car.
Plus, LEGO building blocks can be built up at its both sides. Its chip PCA9685PW and TB6612FNG are used to save IO ports. The TB6612FNG motor chip is used to control the rotation direction and speed of the four DC gear motors.


  • Connector port input: DC 6V---9V
  • Driver board system operating voltage: 5V
  • Standard operating power consumption: about 2.2W
  • Maximum power: 12W
  • Operating temperature range: 0-50℃
  • Size: 130.3*185*23mm
  • Motor interface: PH2.0mm-2P
  • Control interface: PH2.54 anti-reverse port
  • Environmental attributes: ROHS

Pin out



Schematic Diagram



Wiring Diagram


Test Code


Test Result

Wire up according to the diagram above, upload the test code, and turn the DIP switch to the ON end. The four GBR lights on the driver board flash red and blue color, and the two multicolor lights flash in different colors; when the motor is connected, the motor rotates fast for 1s, slowly for 1s; when the tracking sensor detects white color, its the indicator will be on; when you make the IR remote control point ar the infrared receiver of the driver board, the indicator of the IR receiver will flash.


Link: https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS4031-4032