KS0561 Honeycomb DIY STEM Project Kit for Arduino with Alligator Clip Cable

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This is a media interactive learning kit based on Scratch programming language. As we all know, Scratch is a kind of graphical programming that can be done by dragging and building blocks, which empowers to help children or adult programming beginners learn basic programming concepts. What’s more, it is committed to cultivating people's creativity, logic and collaboration.

Admittedly children will be more interested in programming if we combine real projects with real hardware. In this connection, we seek to combine the Scratch with an Arduino control board and match 13 kinds of distinctive sensors, which enable to lead you into a world of the interactive media and help you create interesting interactive media works. 

Interactive media technology, also known as multimedia interactive technology, is dedicated to the information interaction between the computer and the external environment. Popular science projects such as electronic fish tanks, interactive projections, virtual book turning and 4D cinemas in the exhibition hall of the science and technology museum are typical interactive media works, which distinctly reflect the magic charm of the combination of technology and art.

However, this kit is suitable for beginners who are interested in interactive media technology or interactive installation art. It is also fit for primary and middle school students who enjoy technology production and hardware programming. 

In this project, you are capable of writing interactive media works by dragging icons. Moreover, you can learn the technology of human-computer interaction with very low barriers. That sounds great, right? Let’s explore together!


(1)Learn Scratch graphical programming
  (2)Create interesting interactive media works
  (3)Cultivate people's creativity, logic and practical ability






Project 1 Cat Lights Up LED
  Project 2 Change In A Dragon
  Project 3 Walk Along the Tightrope
  Project 4 Nano goes to school
  Project 5 Blow Windmills
  Project 6 Light Up Stars
  Project 7 A Frightened Butterfly
  Project 8 A Dimmable Table Lamp
  Project 9 Traffic Light
  Project 10 Intelligent Doorbell
  Project 11 Intelligent Corridor Light
  Project 12 A Flying Balloon
  Project 13 Soil Humidity Detection
  Project 14 Magnetic Field Generates Current
  Project 15 Catch Bananas


Please refer to the following link for more details:https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS0561