KS3023(3023F) Keyestudio Raspberry Pi Pico 37 in 1 Sensor Kit

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The Keyestudio Raspberry Pi Pico 37 in 1 sensor kit mainly contains 37 commonly used sensors/modules, the Raspberry Pi Pico board, the Raspberry Pi Pico expansion board and Dupont wires.
The 37 sensors and modules are fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Pico shield. You only need to stack the Raspberry Pi Pico board onto the Raspberry Pi Pico shield, and hook up them with Dupont wires, which is simple and convenient. To make you master the electronic knowledge, detailed tutorials (Micropython), schematic diagrams, wiring methods and test code are included. Through these projects, you will have a better understanding about programming, logic and electronics.

Kit List









Project 1: Lighting up LED
Project 2: Traffic Light Module
Project 3: Laser Sensor
Project 4: Button Sensor
Project 5: Capacitive Sensor
Project 6: Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
Project 7: Line Tracking Sensor
Project 8: Photo Interrupter
Project 9: Tilt Module
Project 10: Hall Sensor
Project 11: Reed Switch Module
Project 12: PIR Motion Sensor
Project 13: Active Buzzer
Project 14: 8002b Audio Power Amplifier
Project 15: 130 Motor
Project 16: RGB Module
Project 17: Potentiometer
Project 18: Steam Sensor
Project 19: Sound Sensor
Project 20: Photoresistor
Project 21: NTC-MF52AT Thermistor
Project 22: Thin-film Pressure Sensor
Project 23: Flame Sensor
Project 24: MQ-2 Gas Sensor
Project 25: Joystick Module
Project 26: Ultraviolet Sensor
Project 27: SK6812 RGB Module
Project 28: Rotary Encoder
Project 29: Servo Control
Project 30: Ultrasonic Sensor
Project 31: IR Receiver Module
Project 32: DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
Project 33: XHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Project 34: DS1307 Clock Module
Project 35: TM1650 4-Digit Tube Display
Project 36: HT16K33_8X8 Dot Matrix Module
Project 37: RFID Module

Comprehensive Experiments

Project 38: Breathing LED
Project 39: Button-controlled LED
Project 40: Alarm Experiment
Project 41: Ultraviolet Alarm
Project 42: PIR Motion Sensor
Project 43: Speaker Module
Project 44: Rotary Encoder
Project 45: Rotary Potentiometer
Project 46: Smart Windows
Project 47: Sound Activated Light
Project 48: Fire Alarm
Project 49: Smoke Alarm
Project 50: 6812 RGB Module
Project 51: Ultrasonic Sensor
Project 53: IR Remote Control
Project 53: Heat Dissipation Device
Project 54: Intelligent Entrance Guard System
Project 55: Comprehensive Experiment


For more details, please refer to: