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==Resources ==
==Resources ==
* [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OQpXJuiNQQyqjr8FSWnem63mXX3SDr7Z  You can click here to download the PDF ]
* [ You can click here to download the PDF ]
* '''Video:''' http://www.keyestudio.com/wp/ks0006/
* '''Video:''' http://www.keyestudio.com/wp/ks0006/
==Get One Now==
==Get One Now==
* '''Official Website:''' http://www.keyestudio.com/ks0006.html
* '''Official Website:''' http://www.keyestudio.com/ks0006.html

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Keyestudio keyestudio MEGA Sensor Shield V1


Have you met with these troubles? when connecting a couple of sensor modules to MEGA 2560 control board, sometimes power output interfaces are not enough, so need to use the breadboard and the wiring is rather troublesome.
Now don’t worry about that. You can use this keyestudio MEGA sensor shield.
It is fully compatible with MEGA 2560 control board, so that you can easily stack the MEGA sensor shield onto the MEGA 2560 control board.
The shield comes with digital and analog interfaces in 3PIN (G V S), easy to connect the 3PIN sensor modules. Besides, it comes with communication pins of 2.54mm pin pitch, such as serial and SPI communication.
It comes with a reset button and 2 signal indicators as well.
Note: for the 3PIN interface, the voltage of Analog pins (labeled V) is 5V; while the voltage of Digital pins (labeled V) is VCC, that is, the voltage input via a blue terminal block, default by jumper connected, connecting the voltage to 5V on the shield.


  • Can be plugged into the MEGA 2560 control board
  • Comes with a Reset button
  • Comes with a power led and a D13 indicator
  • Extends the digital and analog interface of MEGA into 3PIN
  • Comes with a serial communication interface
  • Extends an ICSP interface
  • Extends a SPI interface
  • Extends a URF01 interface
  • Extends an APC220 interface
  • Able to supply the voltage to sensor modules via the terminal block (jumper cap off)

Controller Compatible

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 100mm x 54mm
  • Weight (only MEGA sensor shield): 39.2g

Ks0006 Details.jpg

PINOUT Instruction

图片1-ks0006 pinout.png




Example Use

You can stack the MEGA sensor shield onto MEGA 2560 control board. Use the LCD, sensor module and jumper wires to build the circuit experiment. Like below.
Ks0006 result.jpg


  • [ You can click here to download the PDF ]

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