Ks0058 keyestudio 4-channel Relay Module

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keyestudio 4-channel Relay Module



keyestudio Relay Shield employs high quality relay with four channels input and four channels output. It can be connected to 250V/10A AC element or 24V/10A DC element to the maximum, therefore, it can be used to control lights, motors and etc.
The modularized design makes it easy to connect to Arduino expansion board. The output state of the relay is shown by a LED for the convenience of actual application.


  • Control signal: TTL voltage
  • Rated load:
10A 250VAC
10A 125VAC
10A 30DC
10A 28VDC
  • Rated Through-current: 10A(NO) 5A(NC)
  • Max Switching Voltage: 250VAC 30VDC
  • Contact actuation time: ﹤10ms
  • Definition of module pins:

i) Pin 1- Pin 4----Controlling end
ii) Power supply (VCC)
iii) Ground (GND)

Connection Diagram


Sample Code

int BASE = 2 ;  // I/O pin connected to the first relay
int NUM = 4;   //total number of all relays
void setup()
  for (int i = BASE; i < BASE + NUM; i ++)
    pinMode(i, OUTPUT);   //set digital I/O pin as output
void loop()
  for (int i = BASE; i < BASE + NUM; i ++)
    digitalWrite(i, LOW);    //set digital I/O pin as ‘low’, i.e. turning off the relay gradually  
 delay(200);        //delay
  for (int i = BASE; i < BASE + NUM; i ++)
    digitalWrite(i, HIGH);    // set digital I/O pin as ‘low’, i.e. turning on the relay gradually    
delay(200);        //delay






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