MB0110 Micro:bit Main Board+USB Cable+Battery Holder with Batteries

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Micro: bit is an ARM-based microcontroller designed by BBC. Consisting of onboard Bluetooth, accelerometer, electronic compass, three buttons, 5 x 5 LED dot matrix, it is only half the size of credit card and mainly used for programming education for teenagers.

And this basic starter kit which includes a micro: bit control board, 1m USB cable and a battery holder (2 AAA batteries included, wire length 160mm)is designed for you to easily use micro:bit.
(Please note that the USB cable is for uploading program to micro:bit and the 2 AAA battery holder is for power supply.)


  • Working voltage: 3.3V
  • Power supply voltage: 3-3.3V
  • Micro USB program burning/power supply port: 5V
  • PH2.0 power interface: 3-3.3V
  • Alligator clip interface: 3-3.3V
  • Detection range: 0-3.3V
  • Processor: Arm Cortex-M4 32 bit processor with FPU
  • Working temperature: 0-85℃
  • Micro USB program burning/power supply port
  • PH2.0 3V power supply port
  • 4mm alligator clip interface*5
  • Gold finger interface*20
  • Product size: 43*52mm
  • Weight: 9.6g


  • Support PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft
  • Support Windows, macos, iOS and Android system
  • The programming environment is based on WEB services, no need to download additional compilers
  • Burn and simulate program via USB on PC terminal
  • Burn and simulate program via Bluetooth
  • Support multiple communication programming languages including javasript, python, mbed c.



On-board Resource

  • Application Processor:Nordic nRF52833,64MHz ARM Cortex-M4, 512KB Flash、128KB RAM
  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication:Bluetooth 5.1 with Bluetooth Low Energy,2.4GHz ISM ,50 2MHz channels
  • Micro:bit Radio:2.4GHz Freq band,1Mbps or 2Mbps Channel rate
  • LSM303AGRthree-axis accelerator and magnetic sensor
  • Temperature sensing:on-core NRF52,Sensing range:-40℃ ~ 105℃
  • Speaker:JIANGSU HUANENG MLT-8530
  • Microphone:Knowles SPU0410LR5H-QB-7 MEMS,-38dB ±3dB @ 94dB SPL
  • 25 Pcs red LEDs
  • Three mechanical buttons including two user buttons and a reset button
  • A touch logo
  • MicroUSB power-supply/download connector,power socket, edge connector,including SPI, PWM, I2C, support 17 pcs GPIO



Pins Description





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