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Download the Mixly software

Here we provide you with the Mixly0.998 Win(7.9) software. You can download the software from the link below:

Download MAC system version from the link below:
Downloaded the Mixly software package, you should get it as below:

Mixly zip.png

Unzip the package, you can see the Mixly application icon.

Double click the Mixly icon to open the software; you should get the pop-up interface shown below.

Interface Functions



Import the Library

1) Begin with the Mixly projects, the first step you should import the corresponding library.
Open the Mixly 0.998 software, click Import. Shown below.
Micly Library1.png

2) Unzip the library package we provided, keyestudio or KS_EasyPlug

You can download the library from the link below:

Micly Library2.png

We take the keyestudio library as an example:
In the Mixly window, click Import, then select to import the library keyestudio.
You can also double-click to open the library keyestudio.

Micly Library3.png

3) If import the custom library successfully, you should see success prompt is displayed on the Mixly blocks interface.
Micly Library4.png

Now, import the keyestudio library successfully.
You can use the same method to import the keyes_easy plug library.

Pay special attention to:
How to add the necessary libraries for complicated projects?
Sometimes we need to call the library when compiling the code, so how should we add the code libraries? Like IRremote.h
It is very simple. You can follow the instructions below.
To begin with, you can right-click Mixly icon to open the file location. Inside the Mixly directory, find the arduino-1.8.5 folder.
Micly Library5.png

Open the arduino-1.8.5 folder, you should see the libraries folder.
Micly Library6.png

Just place the library IRremote folder you need inside the arduino libraries folder. Shown below.
Micly Library7.png

Next, ready to play your amazing Mixly project!

Try Your First Mixly Project - Saying Hello World

Next, we will take our EASY Plug control board as an example:

Hookup Guide

Connect the control board to your computer via a micro USB cable.

Open the Program

Mixly code.png

You can directly drag the blocks out to make it.
Go to the “Control” , drag out the setup block.
Micly project1.png

Next, go to “SerialPort” , and drag the Serial baud rate to 9600 into the setup block.
Micly project2.png

Micly project3.png

Then go to “SerialPort” again, and drag the Serial printIn (hex) to the blank area.
Micly project4.png

Micly project5.png

Finally, we add a text that want to print out. Go to “Text” and drag the text block into Serial printIn (hex) block. Change the character you want to show.
Micly project6.png

Micly project7.png

Now, the code is complete. You can save as Mixly file or directly upload to your control board and open the monitor to see the test result.
Micly project8.png

In fact, we have provided you with Mixly file, so you can directly open the file.
Click Open to open your first program Hello World. Follow the steps below.
Micly project9.png

Micly project10.png

In fact, you can double click or directly drag the program to open Hello World. Then you should see the Blocks code, shown below.
Micly project11.png

Micly project12.png

After that, select the proper Board and Port. Upload the code to your EASY Plug control board.
Micly project13.png

Micly project14.png

Displaying Hello World

Finally, upload the code successfully, open the monitor and set the baud rate to 9600, you should be able to see the Hello World is showed on the monitor.
Congrats! You make it !
Micly project15.png

Check Arduino Code

What’ more, you can also click to check the Arduino code on the right side. Amazing! So powerful the Mixly blocks code is!
Micly project16.png

Is it more easy and simple to play the Mixly projects? Try your first Mixly blocks projects right now!

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