KS0198X Keyestudio 4DOF Robot Arm Kit for Arduino DIY

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DIY is the activity of making or repairing things yourself, especially in your home. Historically, it has been popular all over the world since 1960s, making our routine life interesting.
Combined with STEM education, DIY products can greatly cultivate teenagers’ imagination and creativity. Therefore, we Keyestudio R&D group rolls out an amazing 4DOF mechanical arm kit, which contributes to improving kids’hand-on ability, logical thinking and observation ability.
It is easy to build to say the least. In fact, the four servos of this robot arm are controlled by V4.0 control board and two joystick modules. What’s more, the detailed tutorials are provided for you even you are a starter.
For this mechanical robot arm, there are three methods to control. The first one is controller handle we provide(joystick modules), the second one is App; and the third one is wireless PS2 joystick module(not included in this kit).
I believe that you can’t help getting down with this kit.
Next, let’s get started.


You can check out these features:

  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Detailed debugging methods, starting Arduino from entry.
  • Three controlling methods: Wired JoyStick Control; Phone Bluetooth Control; Wireless PS2 JoyStick Control.

Component List






Download the code, complete files in the link: