KS0219 keyestudio RPI T-type GPIO Shield Kit

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This kit is designed for you to connect to external devices,including T-type shield, 40pin ribbon cable, 400-pinpoint breadboard, compatible with Raspberry Pi A+/B+/3 B.


Shipping List

  • T-type Shield *1
  • 40 pin Colorful Jumper Wire *1
  • 400-pinpoint Breadboard*1


keyestudio T-type GPIO extension board

This RPI T-type GPIO extension board is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi B+, helping you to connect external device on the breadboard.
This board can be plugged into any solderless breadboard. The PCB has all pins labeled nicely, so you can directly build circuits without keeping a pin-out printout at your desk.


400 Tie-Points Solderless Breadboard

This is a white solderless breadboard. It has 2 power buses, 10 columns, and 30 rows - a total of 400 tie in points.
This half size breadboard is good for small projects. It has a standard double-strip in the middle and two power rails on both sides.
This board also has a self-adhesive on the back.

40pin Ribbon Cable

This 40pin ribbon cable is specially designed for Raspberry Pi. Its gold-plating pinpoints are compatible with GPIO ports.


Example Use

You can easily plug RPI T-type GPIO extension board into breadboard, then use a ribbon cable to connect the board to your RPI.



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