KS0293 Keyestudio Relay Breakout Board for micro bit

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Keyestudio Relay Breakout Board for micro:bit



micro bit is an entry level development board designed by BBC for teens programming education. It supports the PXT graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft and can be used under Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android and many other operating systems without downloading the compiler.
Keyestudio relay breakout board for micro:bit has integrated a 4-way 5V relay module, fully compatible with micro bit development board. It can work by inserting micro:bit into keyestudio relay shield, then inputting DC 5V voltage on the relay VIN GND port, pretty simple and convenient.
4-way relay on the board is active high. Its control terminals are respectively connected to P4, P3, P7 and P6 of the micro:bit development board. You only need to control the high or low output level of P4, P3, P7 and P6, thus control the 4 relay on/off.


  • Input Voltage:DC 5V
  • Working Mode:active at High level
  • Contact Capacity: AC120V/3A ; DC24V/3A


Test Program

You can directly copy this code to your micro:bit. Or you can make it on the micro:bit Blocks Editor


Test Result

Insert micro bit development board into keyestudio relay breakout board.

Wire it up well and powered up, note that here we use a power transfer module in order to supply voltage input 5V. Finally the leds on 4-way relay breakout board are connected and then disconnected one by one, and the external LEDs are on and off one by one, circularly.

Note that the display accessories Not Included in the shipping list.


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