KS0310 Keyestudio Traffic Light Module (Black and Eco-friendly)

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Obeying the Traffic Rules


When learning the microcontroller, you may usually use three separate LEDs, namely red, green and yellow light, to simulate the traffic light blinking via external connection.
Convenient for wiring, we specially design this traffic light module. On the module, it has integrated three LEDs, like LED-R, LED-Y, LED-G.
This module is able to make some light-interactive works, fully compatible with Arduino microcontroller and raspberry pi system.
Ks0310 traffic light module.png


  • Working Voltage: 3.3-5v
  • Interface Type: Digital

Connection Diagram

Here’s a wiring diagram combining the traffic light module, four jumper wires and keyestudio UNO board
Connect the traffic light module to UNO board, R pin to Digital 5, Y pin to Digital 4, G pin to Digital 3, GND to GND.


Sample Code

Here is a simple Arduino example based on the circuit above. Copy and paste this into your Arduino IDE , then upload!

int redled =5; // initialize digital pin 5.
int yellowled =4; // initialize digital pin 4.
int greenled =3; // initialize digital pin 3.
void setup()
pinMode(redled, OUTPUT);// set the pin with red LED as “output”
pinMode(yellowled, OUTPUT); // set the pin with yellow LED as “output”
pinMode(greenled, OUTPUT); // set the pin with green LED as “output”
void loop()
digitalWrite(greenled, HIGH);//// turn on green LED
delay(5000);// wait 5 seconds
digitalWrite(greenled, LOW); // turn off green LED
for(int i=0;i<3;i++)// blinks for 3 times
delay(500);// wait 0.5 seconds
digitalWrite(yellowled, HIGH);// turn on yellow LED
delay(500);// wait 0.5 seconds
digitalWrite(yellowled, LOW);// turn off yellow LED
delay(500);// wait 0.5 seconds
digitalWrite(redled, HIGH);// turn on red LED
delay(5000);// wait 5 seconds
digitalWrite(redled, LOW);// turn off red LED

Test Result

Powered up and done uploading the code to the board, red, green and yellow LEDs on the module will automatically simulate the traffic light on and off.

Traffic Light

Other Experiments

For further study, you can connect it to UNO sensor shield or your PI. As below figure shown.



  • Download the Code:


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