KS0344 Arduino Automatic Watering System

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Indulged in their heavy work, travel and other activities, people often forget to water their plants. As a result, plants are wilting for lack of water.

In order to tackle this tough problem, we launch an automatic watering system based on Arduino. It can water automatically your plants by detecting the ambient temperature and soil humidity. Therefore, no matter where you are, you will be free from the worry about watering your plant. That sounds amazing! Right? Let’s get started.


Arduino automatic watering device, an open resource programming kit, makes teenagers acquire the practical knowledge of electronics, machinery, control logic and computer science easily. It is easy to build by slot connection, wooden boards, plus thirteen projects from simple to complex. Furthermore, the kids’ hands-on ability and way of thinking will be greatly enhanced after building up their own watering device.


  • Multi-purpose:timing watering mode and sensor detection mode
  • High waterproof:capacitive soil sensor is waterproof
  • Easy to build:slot connection, without the need of soldering circuit.
  • Novel structure: spray kettle shape, real and stable
  • High extension: can expand sensor shield and other sensors and modules
  • Basic programming:C language code of Arduino IDE.

Product Kit




More detailed projects, please check website: https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS0344