KS0345 Electronic Scale Kit

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Keyestudio Electronic Scale Kit


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  • Warning
  • 1.This product contains tiny parts(screws, copper pillars), keep it out of reach of children under 7 years old please.
  • 2.This product contains conductive parts (control board and electronic module). Please operate according to the requirements of tutorial. Improper operation may cause parts to overheat damage. Do not touch and immediately disconnect the circuit power.
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When it comes to programming, many think it difficult. However, KEYES group rolls out an electronic scale kit to cope with this problem.
This is a low-cost, easy-to-build and open source programming kit.
In fact, it integrates a large number sensors and modules. You can absorb the basic knowledge of programming like electronics, control logic, computer and science from practical installation.
In compliance with the tutorial, an electronic scale can be produced by boards, slot connection and wiring. 
It also has a membrane keypad, a weighing sensor, a DS3231 module and an LCD 1602 display module Furthermore, the detailed projects will guide you to learn the working  principle of sensors and modules.
If interested in STEM and code programming, you can customize your own scale by altering code and adding extra modules. 
That sounds entertaining, right? Let’s get started!


  • 1.Multi-purpose function:key input and control,1602 display,weighing,counting,calculating price,alarm clock,temperature and time display
  • 2. Easy to build:Slot connection and without soldering circuit
  • 3. Novel style:Adopt strong wood board, acrylic board, RGB and LCD 1602 modules.
  • 4. High extension:preserve IIC, UART, SPI ports,and extend other sensors and modules.
  • 5. Basic programming learning:use C language and code.


  • Input Voltage:7-12V
  • Working Voltage:5V
  • Working Current:100mA
  • Maximum consumption power:1.5W







More details, please check https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS0345