KS0387 keyestudio YX5200-24SS MP3 Module

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Keyestudio YX5200-24SS MP3 Module


Keyestudio YX5200-24SS MP3 module is specially designed for music playing. It uses YX5200-24SS as core, perfectly integrated MP3、WAV、WMA hardware interface. It supports TF card driver, easy-to-use,stable and reliable.

The main functions of this module are as follows:
1) With TF card slot, can directly read and play music in the card.
2) Comes with a serial communication interface (UART), can control the music playback through serial communication.
3) Comes with micro USB interface (USB1), to read the contents of SD card and download music.
4) Comes with a headphone jack (P1), easy to access headphones to listen to music.
5) Integrated audio amplifier chip and built-in speaker interface (S-OUT), can directly play via connecting external speakers.
The audio magnification is 8 times.The power of the access speaker should be large enough.
The initial sound of the power-on playback defaults to the maximum.
Please turn down the sound volume before playing.
When the speaker resistance is 8 ohms, the maximum output power is 1.2W.
6) Comes with external 6 commonly used buttons, easy to control and verify the instructions.

Technical Parameters

  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Operating current: maximum 1A
  • Max power consumption: 5W
  • Operating temperature: 10~40℃
  • Audio magnification: 8 times
  • Support TF card: maximum 32G
  • Environmental attributes: ROHS
  • Dimensions: 77mm*33mm*8mm
  • Weight: 10.6g


Button Functions


YX5200-24SS Instruction Set

YX5200-24SS 1.png YX5200-24SS 2.png YX5200-24SS 3.png YX5200-24SS 4.png YX5200-24SS 5.png YX5200-24SS 6.png YX5200-24SS 7.png YX5200-24SS 8.png YX5200-24SS 9.png YX5200-24SS 10.png YX5200-24SS 11.png

Schematics Diagram

KS0387 英原理图.jpg


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