KS0439 EASY Plug 3W LED Module

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EASY Plug 3W LED Module


This is a high power LED module. The main function is to turn on or off a plugin LED. It has features of supper bright and high power, and is compatible with EASY plug Control board V2.0.
For easy wiring, the module’s 3 pins are integrated into a crystal socket, so you are able to connect the 3W LED module to the control board using only a RJ11 cable for communication.

Special Note:
The sensor/module is equipped with the RJ11 6P6C interface, compatible with keyestudio EASY plug Control Board with RJ11 6P6C interface.
If you have other control boards that also equip with the RJ11 6P6C interface but has different internal line sequence, CANNOT use compatibly with keyestudio EASY plug sensor/module.


Technical Details

  • Operating voltage: DC 3.3-5V
  • Interface: EASY plug (RJ11 6P6 connector)
  • Emitting color: yellow
  • Recommended use current: 600-700ma
  • Luminance: 200-220LM
  • Input signal: digital signal
  • Dimensions: 49mm*27mm*18mm
  • Weight: 7.7g

Hookup Guide


Test Code


Test Result

Code upload success, keyestudio 3W LED module will flash on for 1 second, then off for 1 second, alternately and circularly.



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