KS0440 Keyestudio Piano Shield for Micro:bit (Black and Eco-friendly)

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Keyestudio Piano Shield for Micro:bit


Keyestudio piano shield is fully compatible with the micro:bit development board.
The piano shield for micro:bit integrates the TTP229-LSF chip, 8 touch piano keys, 4 WS2812 LEDS and a passive buzzer element.
It also comes with 6 edge connectors, containing two 3V power input/output connectors, 2 signal connectors. So it provides an easy way to connect other sensors/modules to micro:bit main board.
Besides, it extends 2 rows of header pad interfaces, easy for soldering the pin headers/female headers of 2.54mm pitch. One row contains 3V power input/output and SPI communication; the other contains 3V power input/output, signal pin and I2C communication.
The shield has two 3.2mm fixed holes, convenient for mounting on other devices.

Technical Details

  • Power supply from:
  • Micro:bit main board: Micro USB port (5V); external power jack 3.3V
  • Piano shield: edge connectors (3V); header pad interface (3V)
  • Control chip: TTP229-LSF
  • Dimensions: 124mm*55mm*10mm
  • Weight: 29.9g



Hookup Guide

Insert firmly the micro:bit main board into the keyestudio piano shield.

Source Code

Copy the hex file code to your micro:bit just like copying a file to a USB drive. You can right click and choose "Send To→MICROBIT"


Send the code to micro:bit, the 4 WS2812 LEDS on the piano shield turn on red for 1 second, green for 1 second, blue for 1 second.

When touch the different piano keys, buzzer will make a tone, and the 4 WS2812 LEDS show shiny colors.


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