KS0477 Keyestudio 3D Smart Controller 2004LCD Module+Cable+Adapter Board

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This kit mainly consists of 1 smart controller, 1 L-shaped adapter board and 2 FC cables. When in use, we plug the L-type adapter board into the RAMPS 1.4 main board and connect the smart controller to the RAMPS 1.4 main board with two FC cables. Pay attention please when connecting. EXP1 of smart controller is connected to EXP1 of RAMPS 1.4 motherboard , and EXP2 is connected to EXP2.

This smart controller includes an SD card reader, rotary encoder and a 20-character x 4-line LCD display. The smart controller is connected to RAMPS 1.4 motherboard and you don't need computer and smart controller of SD card to power up. What’s more, such as calibration, the axis motion can be done only by the smart controller of the rotary encoder. You don’t need to print 3D design by computer, just design G code and store on SD card.

Component list

  • Intelligent controller (2004LCD module) * 1
  • L-shaped adapter board * 1
  • FC cable * 2



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