KS0480 Keyestudio Micro bit Honeycomb Traffic Light Module

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Keyestudio Micro bit Honeycomb Traffic Light Module


The keyestudio micro bit Honeycomb traffic light module is fully compatible with the micro bit control board. In the experiment, we connect this module to the micro:bit control board using crocodile clip wire. There are 6 ports on the module, 3 GND ports are connected. The module comes with red, yellow and green 3 LED lights, we can control the 3 LEDs on and off on the module , and simulate the roadside traffic lights flashing.

Technical parameters

  • Working voltage: DC 3.0-3.3V
  • Control port: digital port
  • Size: 42mm*47mm*12mm
  • Weight: 5.7g
  • Environmental attributes: ROHS

Wiring Diagram


Test code


Test Result

According to wiring diagram, upload test code successfully. After power-on, the 3 LEDs on the module automatically simulate the traffic light operation.


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