KS0481 Keyestudio Micro bit Honeycomb PS2 Joystick Module

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Keyestudio Micro bit Honeycomb PS2 Joystick Module


The keyestudio micro bit Honeycomb PS2 joystick module is fully compatible with micro bit control board. In the experiment, we connect the joystick module to the micro:bit control board using crocodile clip wire. There are 6 ports on the module, two GND ports are connected. When controlling it, we need to connect the VRx,VRy port to the analog port of the micro:bit control board, and the SW port to the digital port of the micro:bit control board. We can judge the working state of the joystick on the module by reading the two analog values and the high and low levels of a digital port.
Special Note: When testing the SW port function, for some products, we need connect a resistor to SW interface (connect to VCC port after connecting a resistor), the port function is valid; otherwise SW port is invalid.

Technical Parameters

  • Working voltage: DC 3.0-3.3V
  • Control port: analog port (VRx VRy) and digital port (SW)
  • Size: 40mm*45mm*31mm
  • Weight: 11.5g
  • Environmental attributes: ROHS

Wiring Diagram


Test Code


Test Result
According to wiring diagram, upload test code successfully. After power-on, we can see the analog value of the X-Y-axis on the PS2 joystick module and the digital value of the SW port on the dot matrix of the micro:bit control board.


  • Download relevant datasheet and code:


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