KS0533 Keyestudio Max Board

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The UNO MAX main control board uses a Atmega328p main control chip, and integrates a CP2102 USB to serial port module, a RT6212AHGJ6F DC-DC power module, a RT9167A-33GB DC-DC power module, two separate buttons, two 6812 RGB lights, a microphone, an 8x16 dot matrix, a buzzer, a photosensitive sensor, a red LED, a green LED, and a blue LED.


  • Main control IC:Atmega328p
  • DC-DC power input:6-12V
  • Size:70*56*16
  • Max power:0.5W
  • Working temperature:-10-60℃

1.Two separate buttons

The left button is controlled by D3 and the right one is controlled by D2

2.Two 6812 RGB lights

The main control IC drive pin is D4.

3.Microphone Module

A7 Main control IC controls A7

4.HT16K33 8x16 dot matrix module(common cathode)

The 8x16 dot matrix is driven by the HT16K33 chip, and its chip communicates via IIC (IIC address: 0xE0, the address is shifted one bit to the left in the library, so the address is 0x70), Writing register instructions and data to control the on and off of each LED so as to simulate the dot matrix


Working voltage: 4.5V~5.5V
Internal RC oscillator 2C bus interface
16×8-bit RAM is used to store display data
The maximum display mode is 16×8: 16SEGs and 8COMs.
The read/write address automatically racks up
Up to 13×3 key matrix scanning function
16-step dimming circuit
Package type: 20/24/28-pin SOP

When the LED is lighted up, R1-R8 are default as low levels; the register can control high or low levels of C0-C15


Run the IC driver throught the LM324, and the driving pin of the main chip is D9.


Control by the pin A6
8.A red LED, a yellow LED,a green LED
Drive by the LM324 chip
Red light D8 pins control
Yellow light D10 pins control
Green light D13 pins control

This board boasts a Type-C USB socket and a four-position DIP switch.