KS0567 Keyestudio ESP32 IoT Control Smart Farm Starter Kit for Arduino Scratch 3.0 Graphical Programming

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Keyestudio ESP32 Smart Farm Kit


  • Based on ESP32 Internet of Things, this Smart Farm Kit integrates multiple sensors, realizing automatic and wireless manipulation as well as intellectual management.

  • In this tutorial, our projects comprehensively apply all sensors and modules in the kit, like photoresistor, soil humidity sensor, water level sensor and ESP32 wireless communication module. As a result, by learning this tutorial, you can possess the knowledge that how to use sensors and construct IOT system and that how to realize intelligence in farm management through programming.

  • What’s more, we provide detailed courses and example codes for you to deeply understand and master knowledge. In this way, it can not only improve the hands-on capability and creativity, but also cultivate the awareness of scientific and technological innovation as well as the ability of problem-solving.


1. Comprehensive: This kit includes multiple modules related to smart farms, such as photoresistor, soil humidity sensor, water level sensor, as well as ESP32 module. So, you can master the knowledge of various sensors and wireless communication during learning.

2. Practical: Through experiments, you may deeply understand how each sensor works and how it collects and processes data. These knowledge helps you build an intelligent farm system.

3. Innovative: Detailed tutorials are provided: experimental instructions, video guidance and example codes. By learning and practicing, you can understand the application of the Internet of Things and sensing-tech in agriculture, which cultivates technological innovation and problem-solving ability.

4. Flexible: With ESP32 as its main control board, this kit enjoys splendid flexibility and scalability. Thus, You can create its design at will, which expands your knowledge and abilities.

5. Interactive: To improve learning, this kit offers an experiment platform and community for you to share experiences and communicate with others. Meanwhile, it also supplies a wealth of experimental cases and practices to stimulate your learning enthusiasm and enhance the ability to understand and apply knowledge.


  • Working Voltage: 5V

  • Battery Voltage: 9V

  • Maximum Output Current: ≤1.5A

  • Maximum Power Consumption: ≤10W

  • WiFi Working Principle: 2.4G

  • Bluetooth Protocol: v4.2 Full Standard

  • Dimension: 255*185\*130mm±1%

  • Working Temperature: –10°C ~ +65°C

Kit List

1 thumb Basswood Board*6 1
2 thumb Acrylic Board 1
3 thumb Basswood Board with Patterns 1
4 thumb ESP32 PLUS Development Board 1
5 thumb Button Module 1
6 thumb Button Cap (12 * 12 * 7.3) 1
7 thumb Passive Buzzer 1
8 thumb 130 Motor 1
9 thumb Fan 1
10 thumb Steam Sensor 1
11 thumb DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor 1
12 thumb PIR Motion Sensor 1
13 thumb 5V Relay Module 1
14 thumb Soil Humidity Sensor 1
15 thumb Water Level Sensor 1
16 thumb SR01 V3 Ultrasonic Module 1
17 thumb White LED Module 1
18 thumb Photoresistor 1
19 thumb 9G 180° Servo (23 * 12.2 * 29mm) 1
20 thumb I2C 1602 LCD Display 1
21 thumb 6-slot AA Battery Holder 1
22 thumb DC 3V Water Pump (With 15CM Breadboard Wire) 1
23 thumb USB Cable TYPE-C 1
24 thumb M1.4*6MM Self-Tapping Screw 4
25 thumb M3 Lock-Nut 4
26 thumb M4*8MM Round Head Screw 18
27 thumb M3*6MM Round Head Screw 8
28 thumb M3*10MM Round Head Screw 16
29 thumb M2*12MM Round Head Screw 2
30 thumb M4 Nut 18
31 thumb M3 Nut 12
32 thumb M2 Nut 2
33 thumb M3*10MM Dual-Pass Copper Pillar 4
34 thumb 15cm 3P F-F DuPont Wires (Connected, 26AWG, Black-Red-Yellow) 4
35 thumb 20cm 3P F-F DuPont Wires (Connected, 26AWG, Black-Red-Yellow) 5
36 thumb 25cm 3P F-F DuPont Wires (Connected, 26AWG, Black-Red-Yellow) 1
37 thumb 20cm 4P F-F DuPont Wires (Connected, 26AWG, Black-Red-Blue-Green) 1
38 thumb 20cm 4P F-F DuPont Wires (Divided, 26AWG, Black-Green-Blue-Red) 1
39 thumb 20cm 4P F-F DuPont Wires (Divided, 26AWG, Black-Red-Blue-Green) 1
40 thumb 15CM 40P M-F DuPont Wires 2
41 thumb 3.0*40MM Phillips Screwdriver 1
42 thumb Slotted Screwdriver 1
43 thumb Plastic Box 2
44 thumb Water Pump Pipe 6cm
45 thumb Solar panel 1
46 thumb Cross Wrench 1
47 thumb Foldout 1
48 thumb Stickers 1


Q: What type of batteries should this kit be equipped with?

A: Six AA batteries, each one with the diameter of 14MM and height of 49MM. Please install batteries in a correct way and do not reverse them! For younger learners, please operate under the accompaniment of parents.

Q: An error occurs when burning programs on ESP32 mainboard.

A: 1. Please check whether the COM port is correct.
   2. Please check whether the selected board is correct.

Q: Can this kit expands to other modules?

A: Yes. When expanding to other modules, please check pin description to make sure that ESP32 pins work normally.

Q: An error occurs when importing <Wire.h> library.

A: When installing ESP32 development board on arduino IDE, <Wire.h> library will be imported automatically, so you don't need to add it repeatedly.


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