KS3031 Keyestudio SIM7600X 4G Shield Development Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Product Introduction

This board is based on the design of Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO interface, compatible with Raspberry Pi series main board and Arduino.
Support dial-up Internet access, telephone, SMS, TCP, UDP, DTMF, HTTP, and FTP
Support GPS, BDS, Glonass and LBS base station positioning
Onboard USB interface, suitable for testing AT commands and obtaining GPS positioning information
Onboard CP2102 USB to UART chip, convenient for serial port debugging
Lead-out module UART control interface, facilitating connection to main control boards like Arduino and STM32
Onboard SIM card slot, suitable for 1.8V or 3V SIM card
Onboard TF card slot, capable to store files, text messages and other data
Onboard audio interface and audio decoding chip, applicable to voice operations such as phone calls
Onboard 2 LED indicators, convenient for operation status supervision of modules
Onboard level conversion circuit, able to convert 3.3V or 5V working level to 1.8V via jumper cap
Applicable baud rate range: 300bps ~ 4Mbps (115200bps as default)
Able to automatically identify baud rate (9600bps ~ 115200bps)

For more details, please refer to the link:https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS3031