KS4036F Keyestudio Micro:bit Smart Robot Car (without microbit)

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Have you ever wondered how automatic devices like sensor lights and automatic doors work? Let’s explore together!  The KEYESTUDIO Microbit Smart Robot Car uses a micro:bit control board, which is a microcomputer development board specially designed by BBC for  programming education for teenagers.

The car boasts a small car body, a simple structure and block holes. More importantly, it is capable of detecting distance and light intensity,  discerning black and white lines and can be controlled via a Bluetooth and an IR remote control.

It enjoys two language tutorials such as makecode graphical programmingand Python, making it easier for beginners to understand program logic and  develop programming thinking.The version of Python running on the BBC micro: bit is called MicroPython, which is committed to reviving the Python  programming language in microcontrollers and embedded systems.

For your convenience, detailed code explanations have been provided in the tutorial. If you have any difficulties or problems, please contact us at  any time.


It boasts Lego holes and is easy to carry
  Simple wirings
  Micro:Bit enjoys a passive buzzer to play Micro:Bit library music
  It boasts two RGB LEDs, which can be used as a left or right turn light for your car, or combined to create a dazzling light show
  The motor speed can be adjusted via the PWM


Connector port input: DC 4-5V
  Operating voltage of sensors: 3V
  Motor speed: 200RPM
  Working temperature range: 0-50℃
  Dimension: 99*78*58mm
  Environmental protection attributes: ROHS





Project 1:Heartbeat
Project 2: Light Up A Single LED
Project 3: 5 x 5 LED Dot Matrix
Project 4: Programmable Buttons
Project 5: Temperature Measurement
Project 6: Compass
Project 7: Accelerometer
Project 8: Detect Light Intensity
Project 9: Speaker
Project 10: Touch-sensitive Logo
Project 11: Microphone
Project 12: Bluetooth Wireless Communication
Project 13: RGB Module
Project 14: Motor Driving
Project 15: Light Tracking Smart Car
Project 16: Line Tracking Smart Car
Project 17: Ultrasonic Following and Obstacle Avoidance
Project 18: IR Remote Control Smart Car
Project 19: Multi-purpose Bluetooth Smart Car


Download code, libraries and more details, please refer to the following link:https://fs.keyestudio.com/KS4036F