KS5010(KS5010F)Keyestudio ESP32 Learning Kit Ultimate Edition

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Do you want to learn about programming?
As long as you're passionate about science and dare to explore new things, this kit is surely the best choice for you. The Keyestudio ESP32 Learning Kit Ultimate Edition mainly contains some common electronic components/sensors/modules, a ESP32 mainboard and bread wires are also included.
As many as 117 project tutorials are provided, which contain detailed wiring diagrams, components knowledge, and fascinating project code. Each project is produced using Thonny for Windows, Arduino IDE for Windows, and Arduino IDE for Raspberry Pi.  It's easy to get started.
You can create numerous fascinating DIY experiments with one controller (ESP32), various of sensors/modules and electronics. These courses can give you a deeper understanding of programming methods, logic, electronic circuits and the Linux operating system (Raspberry Pi).


When you received the kit , the first thing you see is a beautiful packaged box. Each accessory was safely and orderly packed in a small bag. Let's check them first:





Project 01: Hello World
Project 02: Turn on LED
Project 03: LED Flashing
Project 04: Breathing Led
Project 05: Traffic Lights
Project 06: RGB LED
Project 07: Flowing Water Light
Project 08: 1-Digit Digital Tube
Project 09: 4-Digit Digital Tube
Project 10: 8×8 Dot-matrix Display
Project 11: 74HC595N Control 8 LEDs
Project 12: Active Buzzer
Project 13: Passive Buzzer
Project 14: Mini Table Lamp
Project 15: Tilt and LED
Project 16: Burglar Alarm
Project 17: I2C 128×32 LCD
Project 18: Small Fan
Project 19: Servo Sweep
Project 20: Stepping Motor
Project 21: Relay
Project 22: Dimming Light
Project 23: Flame Alarm
Project 24: Night Lamp
Project 25: Human Induction Lamp
Project 26: Sound Control Fan
Project 27: Temperature Measurement
Project 28: Rocker control Light
Project 29: Temperature Humidity Meter
Project 30: Ultrasonic Ranger
Project 31: Temperature Instrument
Project 32: RFID
Project 33: Keypad Door
Project 34: IR Control Sound and LED
Project 35: Bluetooth
Project 36: WiFi Station Mode
Project 37: WiFi AP Mode
Project 38: WiFi Station+AP Mode
Project 39: WiFi Test
Project 40: WiFi Smart Home