Ks0103 keyestudio EASY plug Passive Buzzer Module

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EASY plug Passive Buzzer Module


We can use Arduino to make many interactive works of which the most commonly used is acoustic-optic display.
The buzzer we introduced here is a passive buzzer. It cannot be actuated by itself, but by external pulse frequencies.
Different frequencies produce different sounds. You can use Arduino to code the melody of a song, which is quite fun and simple.

Note: this module should be used together with EASY plug control board.


  • Interface: Easy plug
  • Working voltage: 3.3-5V
  • Sensor type: digital
  • Easy to use

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 39mm*20mm*18mm
  • Weight: 5.6g

Connect It Up

Connect the EASY Plug passive buzzer module to control board using an RJ11 cable. Then connect the control board to your PC with a USB cable.

Sample Code

Copy and paste below code to Arduino IDE and upload.

int buzzer=8;//set digital IO pin of the buzzer
void setup()
pinMode(buzzer,OUTPUT);// set digital IO pin pattern, OUTPUT to be output
void loop()
{ unsigned char i,j;//define variable
{ for(i=0;i<80;i++)// output a frequency sound
{ digitalWrite(buzzer,HIGH);// sound
digitalWrite(buzzer,LOW);//not sound
delay(1);//ms delay
for(i=0;i<100;i++)// output a frequency sound
digitalWrite(buzzer,HIGH);// sound
digitalWrite(buzzer,LOW);//not sound
delay(2);//2ms delay

What You Should See

Done uploading the code, you should be able to hear the buzzer module make a small “click”.


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