Ks0117 keyestudio EASY plug Vibration Sensor Module

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EASY plug Vibration Sensor Module


What's the simplest way to check vibration with Arduino? Well, use a vibration sensor from keyestudio.
You can directly connect it to our EASY Plug control board with only one cable. Just vibrate this sensor, Arduino can receive a digital signal. It is easy to count and program in Arduino.
It also comes with a potentiometer for you to adjust the sensitivity.
In spite of simplicity, you can make full use of it with creative thinking, step counting, and crash warning light, etc.
Note: this module should be used together with EASY plug control board.


  • Sensor type: Digital
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • High quality connector
  • Adjustable sensitivity via a potentiometer

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 46mm*16.7mm*17.6mm
  • Weight: 6.2g

Connect It Up

Connect the EASY Plug vibration sensor to control board using an RJ11 cable. Then connect the control board to your PC with a USB cable.

Upload the Code

Copy and paste below code to Arduino IDE and upload.

#define SensorLED 13
#define SensorINPUT 7  //Connect the sensor to digital Pin 7 which is Interrupt 1.
unsigned char state = 0;
void setup()
 pinMode(SensorLED, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(SensorINPUT, INPUT);
 attachInterrupt(1, blink, FALLING);// Trigger the blink function when the falling edge is detected
void loop()
{  if(state!=0)
       state = 0;
void blink()//Interrupts function
{  state++;

What You Should See

Done uploading the code, just vibrate the sensor, Arduino can receive a digital signal, and led will be turned on. If isn’t, you are able to adjust the sensitivity by a potentiometer.


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