Ks0119 keyestudio EASY plug Line Tracking Sensor

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Keyestudio EASY plug Line Tracking Sensor


The Line Tracking Sensor can tell white from in black or black from white accurately.
The single line-tracking signal provides a stable output signal TTL for a more accurate and more stable line.
The working principle is simple, using infrared light's different reflectivity for different color, and converting the strength of the reflected signal into current signal.
Note: this sensor needs to be used together with EASY plug control board.


  • Connector: Easy plug
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Operating current: <10mA
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~ 50℃
  • Output Level: TTL (Black for LOW output, White for HIGH output)
  • High quality connector

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 57mm*16mm*18mm
  • Weight: 4.8g

Connect It Up

Connect the EASY Plug line tracking sensor to control board using an RJ11 cable. Then connect the control board to your PC with a USB cable.

Upload the Code

Copy and paste below code to Arduino IDE and upload.

#define Sensor 5
#define ledpin 13
void setup()
void loop()
int val=digitalRead(Sensor);
Serial.println(val);// print the data from the sensor   

What You Should See

Done uploading the code to board, open the serial monitor and set the baud rate to 9600, then you can see the data from the sensor.


Download the PDF:

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