Ks0250 keyestudio NANO IO Shield

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Keyestudio NANO IO Shield


This is a simple and small NANO IO shield. It breaks out all the pins of keyestudio Nano ch340, easy to hook it up to make experiments. Onboard comes with two 3mm fixed holes, convenient to fix the shield on other objects.


  • Terminal block spacing: 3.5mm
  • Female header pitch: 2.54mm

Controller Compatible

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 53mm x 36mm
  • Weight: 20.5g

KS0250 Detail.jpg


Those interfaces marked red line are connected.
KS0250 PINOUT.jpg

Example Use

Stack the NANO CH340 onto the shield, and upload well the code, you could power the Nano ch340 via VIN GND interface to light up an external LED.
KS0250 Result.png


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