Ks0363 keyestudio TB6612FNG Motor/Servo Drive Shield with PS2 Socket

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Keyestudio motor/servo driver expansion board is used with keyestidio plus development board and keyestudio UNO R3 development board.  It extends the pin ports in the form of servo wire sequence. What’s more, the board sets a serial communication interface, a PS2 interface as well as a PH2.0MM-2P motor interface.
It is a expansion board equipped with two LM2596S-5.0V DC-DC depressurization modules, which is enable to driver multiple servos easily. Furthermore, it contains a TB6612FNG motor drive IC, which can control two motors.
The diversity of the expansion board makes it more suitable for use, which is easier to connect and don’t need to worry about the number of VCC ports.



Schematic Diagram